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Tips for leaders
Tricks for leaders and followers in WCS
What can be lead or followed
Why forceful leads are not required
2002 -06

Dancing with other people
How to dress for dancing
Personal Hygiene, De-hydration, Contagions
Teaching on the dance floor.
What to carry with you to a dance

2002 -07 Comments from others
Ladies footwork in WCS
Specific To West Coast Swing
2002 -08 Getting A Swelled Head
J&j And Traditional Style Competitions
Singing, Counting Out Loud And Verbal Leads
    2002 -10 What To Lead When Social Dancing
2002 -11 Closed Dance Position
Clubs And Bands
Dance Shoe care
Where to look while dancing

2002 -12

Larry Ablin
Respond to a dance offer
2003 -01 Leading and Following

2003 -02

Hand Tone
Importance Of Dancing
Leading The Final Turn
With Beginners

2003 -03

Balance And Your Head
Barb Linton
Way dancing is mistaught

2003 -04

Arm Tone

2003 -05

Weight Changes
Force Level

2003 -06

East Coast Swing

2003 -07

Body Leads

2003 -08

Leading turns around her axis
Tips for Followers

2003 -09


2003 -10

Turning and spinning

2003 -12

Arm Tone, Connection,
Force Level And Body Leads

2004 -01

Hearing the Beat
Leading And Following Of Slows

2004 -02

Coaster Steps In WCS
Leading American Style Ballroom
Foxtrot Basic step

2004 -03

How Followers Can Help Beginning Leaders
Importance Of Dancing With Beginners
What Can Be Led Or Followed

2004 -04

Followers Strongly Dancing Their Own
How To Lead An "American Spin" In East Coast Swing
Turns In Closed Dance Position

2004 -05

How To Remember Dance Material

2004 -06

2004-07 Etiquette When Social Dancing 2004 -08 Meaning of the different dance words
2004 -09 Ballroom Look In WCS
Tricks for followers in WCS
Tricks for leaders in WCS
2004 -10 Balance
Body positions for turns and spins
Confusing Nomenclature
Duane Lundgren
Foot positions for turns and spins
Practicing turns and spins

2004 -11

Turning speed and timing

2004 -12

Leading Multiple turns
Pre leads and Prep leads

2005 -01

Ducks and Neck Wraps
Learning to lead more figures
Playing and feeling the music
2005 -02

Attitude when Social Dancing
Dance Floors
Etiquette When Social Dancing

2005 -03

Swing music and timing

2005 -04 Hitting the breaks
Leader learn to follow and vice versa
2005 -05

Dance Frame

2005 -06 Connection
2005 -07


2005 -08 Lead and Follow
2005 -09

Dance Description

2005 -10

Where to Dance in Minneapolis , MN

2005 -11

Dance Etiguette
How to remember dance material
No Fault dancing
Sharing the floor
2005 -12

Active Following
Country-Western Dance Floor Etiquette
Leading American Style Ballroom Open
Leading Continuity Style Ballroom Figures

2006 -01

Asking for a Dance
Asking/Being Asked to Dance
Being Declined
Declining a Dance
Increasing Your Chances Being Asked to Dance
Whom to Ask
2006-02 Definitions And Nomenclature
Basics Of Turning And Spinning


Turning Speed And Timing
Dancing With Other People
Dance Shoes
Rise and Fall
2006-04 Teaching the leading and following of Slows and Quicks
Teaching on the dance floor


Dance Etiquette
Out on the dance floor
Miscellaneous etiquette
What to wear
Comfort and Safety
2006-06 Personal Grooming
On the Dance Floor
Did your partner enjoy the Dance
Make Your Partner Happy
2006-07 Unsolicited teaching 1
Soliciting teaching on the floor 1
Etiquette Summary up to now 2
Who is Popular 2
Dance Partners

Dancing and Romance
Looking inside
Summary of Ballroom Dance Etiquette

2006-09 Dance Listed Alphabetically
Dances Styles

TGIS by Barb
How do I start dancing
Dance Addiction


Where can I find a teacher
Beginner Friendly Clubs
Dance Partners
Dance Etiguette - Male


Cajun Music
Cajun Dancing
Zydeco Music
Zydeco Dancing
Dance Community
Tips for asking women to dance


Dance Etiquette for everyone
Dance Etiquette for female


Specific to Hustle
Count in Hustle
Tempo for Hustle
Style Variation in Hustle
Hints for Life


Dance Etiguette Advanced


Ballroom Vs Ballet Techniques


Ballroom vs Ballet continued
Dance Dolly
Hustle slotted or not


Dance Floor Wax
Too Long Song
Dance Etiquette and beyond
Dance Etiquette at the dance
Dance Mistakes to be Avoided by Women
Dance Mistakes to be Avoided by Men
Dance Etiquette dress should be suitable for dancing

2007-07 Dance Etiquette Protocal
Hustle Rock steps in Hustle
2007-08 Leading and Following
2007-09 Etiquette violators.
Questions usually asked.
Toes are being stepped on.
Follower doesn't follow leader.
8 directions for underarm turns.
Foot positions.
Points of contact.
10 directions for rock step.
Floor Etiquette.
2007-10 Hustle Slotted
Hustle Character
Dance Travel
2007-11 Chachacha
Chachacha Dance steps
Chachacha International Dance Steps
American Style Rhythm
Description of Cha-Cha
2007-12 Description of Salsa
Salsa and Mambo controversy
General Dance Tips
Basic salsa dance step and variations
2008-01 American style waltz
Basic waltz dance step
Waltz rhythm
Waltz styling
Common mistakes
Waltz History
Waltz notes
2008-02 Tango History
International style
Tango styles
Technique comparisons
Tango Basic step

Country 2 step
2 step History

2008-04 Relationships
Beginning dancers
Gift of dance
Walk like a dancer
2008-05 Ways of remembering patterns
Position Abbreveations Country 2 step
2008-06 American Style Rumba
Advice & important points
Rumba and American Rumba
Basic step of Rumba
International Style Rumba
Rumba Music
2008-07 Centering
Line of dance
2008-08 American Merengue
Description of Merengue
Rise and Fall
2008-09 Collision Avoidance
Waltz Technique
2008-10 Foxtrot Introduction
Foxtrot Music
Dance Foxtrot
Putting Foxtrot together
Foxtrot should be learned first
2008-11 Rumba Beginner mistakes
American Rumba
2008-12 American Style Smooth Tango
Film with Tango
Music for practicing Tango
2009-01 Critical Timing
Gift of Dance
2009-02 Salsa Etiquette
2009-03 East Coast swing introduction
Lets dance
Beginners Mistakes

Leaders Learning to follow and Vice versa.
Dance Etiguette Male
Dance Etiquette Female


Cha Cha Cha
Golden rules for all dances

2009-06 The too long song
Hints for life
How do I start
2009-07 Country western dance floor etiquette
Learning to dance
Dance shoes
What to wear
2009-08 Dance etiquette Beginner
Dance etiquette Advanced
2009-09 How to Dress for dancing
What to carry with you to a dance
Hygiene, Dehydration and Contagions
2009-10 Balboa
Leader and follower
Hand tone

Foxtrot Music
Waltz Music
Swing East Music

2009-12 Leading and Following
2010-01 Leading and following Continued 2010-02 What is Swing
Origin of Swing Dance
East Coast, West Coast and Balboa Swing
Swing in middle of floor
2010-03 Dance Styles
Why should I learn to dance?


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