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Singles Dance Events Minneapolis, MN

Singles Dance Events Minneapolis, MN




They will put CDWU on Medina website for when we are there.


SAT (Singles All Together) Tuesday Dance Class is at Medina Entertainment Center 4 miles west of Hwy 494 on Hwy 55. Class starts at 730pm. You can practice 7-730pm and 9-10pm

Carol Ann, SIG leader for Dance Class  Cell - 952-334-9793

Open to public Singles and Married

 Dance Instructors:  Larry Ablin, 612-599-7856
WHERE:  Medina Ballroom 500 Hwy.55 Medina MN Meet in Oakwood or Images room or Ballroom
$7.00 for members $10.00 non-members

Tuesday Social Dance Class 7:30 to 9:00 PM
The  dance class schedule dates for 2017
July August Waltz
September October Foxtrot
November and December Westcoast Swing not 12/19 or 26